Data usage on the bot


The bot synchronizes some data that Discord sends to it in its database, upon initializing or adding it to a server. This allows the website to stay a bit more independent of the bot and helps to determine if a user can access the administrative panel of the bot. The copied data are:

Some data (typically IDs) of Discord objects are used to ensure that the database is coherent.

This feature being essential, it can't be disabled.


By default, the additional features offered by the bot (welcome/leave message, sentence generation) are disabled. They can be enabled by configuring them in the control panel. The only exception: displaying the server rules. The bot generates a message guiding the member to the channel containing those, if it is detected.

The default configuration reflects the disabling of all additional features.

It goes without saying that the bot retains the configurations indefinitely.


Sentence generation collects messages sent by server members and saves a "cleaned" version of the message. The content of these messages are encrypted with Chacha20-Poly1305 and retained for 30 days before automatic deletion.

The retained data are:

The messages sent in the channels and categories listed in the ignore list (configurable) are ignored.

When the functionality is disabled, the messages related to the server saved in the database are deleted.